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Realtime Ads features

What does RealtimeAds stands for?

Our mission is to create a platform that allows venues and content managers to target and distribute their digital advertisement programmatically.

Share your content

Wherever you go, you can control your marketing ads from anywhere, as long as you have an internet conection.

Target your Audience

A selection of targeted locations for a particular audience, previously selected by the customer to show up.

Monetize your venue

We pay you a fee to place our devices and display Advertise. Value added according to preponderance / importance of the venue.

Create your private networks

We allow large public areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets and metro stations to create their own internal networks to manage their spaces, and manage their advertising content on those same networks.

Track your campaign

In order to the customer understand how the marketing campaign went, we provide metrics and analytics that shows the number of views, the displays or whatever key performance indicator the user wants.


Our resources are based on secured algorithms, assuring that information like metrics, analytics and marketing campaign ads are confidential to each own user. We use IPFS to store and distribute all the content between all users.

Created to advertise in a simple and defined way.

This is our main goal.

Simple and targeted

Target audience

A selection of targeted locations for a particular audience.

An example of this would be a person at the gym watching an advertisement on protein supplements or healthy food.

How to convert these locations?

Monetization of these venues

  • By paying these locations a fee or percentage to place these devices to display marketing campaigns.

  • Value added depending on the number of advertisements that are played in these particular places and according to preponderance / importance of this place.

  • ...

    Private advertisement networks

    Realtime Ads helps large public areas such as shopping malls, big supermarkets, and metro stations to:

  • Create their own internal markting networks.

  • Manage their advertising content on those same networks, in Real Time.

  • Create shopping triggers.

  • Sell more!

  • ...


    Programmatic Digital Out of Home

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